It's time to get started.

The mission of the Dream Team is to build the body of Christ by each person fulfilling their calling and serving to make an eternal difference.

Dream Teams

Baptism Team

Prepares for and hosts the questCHURCH Baptism experience. Various roles on this team work together to provide an atmosphere of comfort and security to the person(s) preparing to provide their testimony publicly.

Creative Team

Connects and inspires people through social media and provides creative media elements for our weekend services and other special events.  Various roles in this team make a difference by providing excellent graphics, photography and video elements, including promoting real stories of life change within the questCHURCH family.

Facilities Team

Accomplishes special projects throughout the building, making improvements and repairs to the facility as planned and scheduled.  This team helps to provide a feeling of order and comfort to all who enter the facility. 

Grounds Team

Make a large impact through creating and maintaining an attractive outdoor appearance at questCHURCH.  The church grounds are the first impression people get when they pull onto the property, and has been known to draw people to visit because of the neatness of the property.  

Meal Ministry Team

Provides comfort and care with meals for those who regularly attend quest after a surgery, significant illness, the birth of a new baby, a family loss or special circumstances. This team supports additional needs beyond what is met through associated Small Groups, recognizing the opportunities to serve and love on, speak life into and bless many.

Resources Team

Assists in producing or preparing necessary products and materials for worship services and/or events.  Tasks may include Worship Guide preparation, informational packets, organizing supplies and other details.  

Student Ministries Team

Facilitates student connection through youth events, weekly Wednesday message and Small Groups, summer camps and retreats.  Make a difference to these young people who are entering an important time of decision making in their lives.  

Cafe Team

Provides a personal touch to our worship experiences by preparing refreshments and engaging with guests.  Guests are provided a feeling of comfort as they enjoy coffee and water prior to and during the service.

Custodial Team

Provides a clean and distraction-free environment for our guests to feel comfortable and welcomed from the time they enter our facility.  

First Impressions Team (FIT)

Provides guests with a feeling of warmth, love, approval and acceptance as Jesus would do.  Serving in this capacity provides an opportunity to make the largest impact with the simplest action – a warm smile, a joyful greeting, an understanding ear.

KIDSquest Team

Provides guests’ families with a feeling of warmth, love, approval and acceptance as Jesus would do. Various roles on this team all have the opportunity to make the largest impact with the simplest action – a warm smile, a joyful greeting, an understanding ear. 

Outreach Team

Lovingly provides service, support and/or provision to those who would not otherwise receive such support, extending the outreach of God to our surrounding communities.   Every outreach activity provides new opportunities for God to move through you to reach out and touch those in need, or simply to bless those being served by showing them that they are loved, accepted, valued and approved of. 

Safety Team

Provides a safe, fun and welcoming environment to all who enter the parking lot.  The Safety Team plays a key part in providing the overall experience that a guest has at questCHURCH as they are the very first and the very last impression that guests have when they attend questCHURCH. 

Worship Team

Creates the environment in which people can experience the presence of God, through song - worship and praise.  Worship is a time in which hearts are being prepared to hear the Word and lessons that God has for every person in attendance.  

CHURCHmerch Team

Provides creative and inspiring church merchandise options at least three times annually, such as t-shirts and hats.  The various roles in this team allows for serving in your area of passion.

Events Team

Ensures our guests feel comfortable, welcomed and “at home” during our special events.  Every event provides new opportunities for creativity in design and implementation to help the guests feel special and loved.

First Responder Team (part of Safety Team)

Provides required first aid or CPR service and coordinates care for medical issues.  The first responder may also serve simultaneously in one of the other safety or other team roles.  

Legacy Team

Uses the gift of giving to support major projects and facilitate the overall vision of the church through strategic financial offerings.

Production Team

Serves diligently behind the scenes to support the Worship Team and Pastors, who serve on the platform, in any capacity of song, message or video. This team provides an extension of the worship experience, enabling God encounters.  Through the service of this team, guests are able to hear the truth of God’s Word and experience God in a unified worship environment.  

Small Group Leaders

Leads small group gatherings, providing a safe environment for people to build relationships, be authentic and share together to become free of their past and grow closer to Jesus.