Our Legacy Report

We channel our Legacy Fund through three main “Legacy Lanes” - Local Missions, National Missions, and International Missions. Here is how the Legacy Fund was invested in 2020:

Local Missions - $14,874.63
At questCHURCH we committed to making a difference first and foremost in the communities where we live, work, and play. Through this Legacy Lane we are bringing hope to at-risk and under-resourced individuals in our communities by helping to meet their physical and spiritual needs. We have invested $8,843.48 in meeting the practical needs of families. $5,569.15 Was focused on helping children and teachers through our local school district, housing and feeding the homeless, helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and partnering with other organizations who are making an impact in our hometowns.

National Missions - $6,234.00
We believe that the primary way to reach people for Jesus beyond our own community is by providing support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches in other cities and towns. We do this through our partnership with The Association of Related Churches (ARC).

International Missions - $2,064.00
The international invest we make is through ARC, Project Manana (our partners in the Dominican Republic) and through Compassion International.